Callnovo is a business process outsourcing company specializing in contact centre or call centre services. It provides professional, flexible and customized call centre solutions to small and large international companies, with ability to serve 20+ languages in the global market.

Category: Business

Technology: Wordpress


Callnovo providing wide range of language-based call centre services, thus multi-lingual website is just another great idea they are attracting customers with. All sort of services, language based support related information is available on website to inquiry about. Also call services support is available for subscribing the Callnovo services, one time support, recurring services option available to select, depending upon your Indus try size.


Challenge would be keeping customers business and personal expenses separate will make their life a lot easier especially when business is growing well. Callnovo is just ideal for any business users as it lets one to digitally separate business call from personal calls giving you clear-cut expenses. The website is available for all outsourcing call centre business customers. Whenever a customer makes a business call.


Syncing code with the Github library was a new task for our team as earlier we didn’t undergo such kind of a scenario. So, our team did a thorough research on the process of syncing the code with Github and finally, we were able to implement the same. We got the work done in phases and picked each module one by one and started developed the cases associated with, hence able to complete the development phase.

Technologies Used


PHP CMS – WordPress


DataBase – MySQL


Style - Html, Html5, CSS, CSS3, Animation - Javascript , jQuery

APIs Used


Google Analytics


Google WebMaster


Google Map

Acquired Result

Callnovo has drastically solved the professional’s pain points by offering a centralized and more automated way to manage multilingual contact center service and processes. In addition to the basic features, Callnovo has made sure small tweaks and features get developed as and when users demand them.
This has resulted in the personalization of their Callnovo account and enhancement of their branding and communication efforts

Great Work The application is performing better than I expected. This was quite a fluid arrangement as I was not totally sure what I required, Faheem and the rest of his team were very patient and discussed all aspects of the project with me. Any changes I requested

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